Dr. Hegasy
Medical Illustrator
Dr. Hegasy

“From science
to science communication.”

I have been drawing illustrations on life science topics for more than 20 years now. I began to illustrate when I was a medical student and needed images for my own dissertation. In parallel to my career as a medical microbiologist, my illustration skills continuously improved, and as they did, more and more research colleagues asked me to create images for their professional work. Eventually, I decided to make scientific illustration my main occupation. In German-speaking countries, I’m currently the only professional illustrator who has a background in medicine and research.
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Researchers and doctors can talk to me using their scientific and medical terminology.


Media & Journalism

Authors that work outside the field of medicine can rely on the medical accuracy of my work.

Public Relations

Public Relations

For science communication I translate complex concepts of modern medicine into understandable texts and graphics.

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