Dr. Hegasy
Medical Illustrator

“Illustration - from Latin illustrare:
elucidate, enlighten, glorify.”


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Qualifications & Fees

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In German-speaking countries, I’m currently the only scientific illustrator who is a medical microbiologist and a researcher at the same time.

Fees are calculated based on official guidelines for professional illustrators in Germany. Three factors are taken into account:
  1. Concept development and search for reference images
  2. Number of graphical elements and detailedness
  3. Extent of usage rights
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×   Talk to the expert
You don't need to explain any medical facts here, because you are talking to a scientist.

×   Creativity needs knowledge
In medical illustration profound scientific knowlegde is an absolute prerequisite for developing creative solutions.

×   Less correction loops
When designing medical illustrations without a scientific background often mistakes occur. As a medical doctor, my work is scientifically accurate right from the start.

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